The best cars used as taxis

Here is where we find a great story about the taxis that we have seen since 1637, here is when appeared the first horse-drawn forerunners guiding by two or four horses which take the people from one city to another, and then the hansom cab was designed and patented in 1834, these two-wheel vehicles were faster than the horse-drawn, they were the first taxis in ancient time; after that came the battery-powered taxis at the end of the 19th century, then they were introduced to London on August 19th, 1897.

But France has been one of the first countries to use modern cabs. These vehicules were powered with gasoline in 1899, they were called Hummingbirds, because of the noise they made; but the taxis were used to others endings later, the First Battle of Marnebegan (September 6th, 1914during the World War I had started) and they were played a memorable part in the French victory. The incredible feat getting by using the taxis like military and emergency transport, they carried about six thousand soldiers to the front within twenty four hours; then they surprised the germans and pushed back them with British help. After that  the major invention was in 1940s, when two-ways radios appears and did more efficient the communiaction amog cabman and passengers.

A new chapter began and there was when Peugeot 406 were taken like taxis in 1995, and even was created a film called “Taxi”, a french action comedy; it was produced by the french automaker Peugeot, that is reason of the name, and it was also named Peugeot Coupé. It was a large family car, lenght and width of sedan. The Peugeot 406 was awarded in 1997 as Car of the year also in 2001 Caravan Club Towcar of the year. It shows that it is one of the best cars use it like taxis, it was selected among many cars, but its economy and quality made it taken like a cab.

The spacious of a Skoda is one of the main point why it was chosen like taxi, the people can take with them more shops, their bykes or perhaps their pets. It is a kind of Volkswagen which its styles is unique and elegant. The model offers four wheels drive, but you have to take a tour around the France mountain, because is not necessary for going to the park. And there new models which might not look amazing, but it is comfort to family transportation.

Exist many cars to be made it taxis, but the transportation´s companies of the country choose the best; those which have the required specification, the economiccost low, the easy use and the big space to move the people more comfortable and safer. Taxi´s industry is growing and all the market demands are on the first plane for them, they are always updating which what customers are looking for or what they need to improve on the service they offer. As good owners, they ask for the taxi drivers which could improve or how the passenger felt being with them; the manager of the companies instead ask to drivers, they just go to check the digital platform; they find a serie of comments about how was the attention and how much they could enjoy their visit and time in the country using the taxi services. France is a country of a high ranking,so they must offer the best, the quality start from the machines up to the treated of their people.

Other good machine to work like taxi in France is the Citroen, fuel economy, variety of cars which can be driven around diferents roads, but with the same specification, they are economics, easy to control and with enough space for a group of friends, these models are being a conversation topic because of their style and the comfort they offer, a new model which is giving the best holy days, the best trips. A car fuel efficiency and top speed.

There is another one, perphaps the best taxi ever… Renault cars are extremely on the top of beauty machines; even they have been created a sofisticated car which exagerated designs, ellegance look and great efficience. Have you heard about a robot taxi? Well, you could find it in a Motor Show, it is an idea to rest, and create an environment which you can share with friends or people who are visiting you. It is a space of luxury minibar, a small living room or change it to a comfort bed. The model, we are talking about is the EZ-GO.

One well known for all is the Mercedes, an ellegant and classic vehicule used since the beginning in the industry of taxis in France, appearing in some movies, although it is a car used since a long time ago, companies do not like to get them like taxis nowadays, they prefer to obtain them only for personal use. A historic data is that Mercedez Benz was the first to offer fuel injection, first to introduce pre-tensioners to seat belts on the 1981. Another data is that in September 2003, they introduced the world´s first seven speed called 7G-Tronic.

The Toyota could not fail, we find the JPN taxi, a car with a ceiling style and safer for passengers; the vehicles are base on an “universal design”. The vehicle is equipped with built-in soundproofing and air purification. Many of these models have heating system and a hinged door that prevent the passenger from jumping forward, having an extra security system, make them one of the most comfortable cars for taxis in France.

The normal cabs offers four passenger doors, a permanent roof; now all the taxi drivers in France has been implementing the use of a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher; some models are more qualify to offer the right service, some are as small as just one couple could go, but others are for groups, in those you go with you friends or partners and use just one or two depend of the quantity. We also can hire a luxury cab, great system sound, some screens on the seats and a space to share with friends. If people ask for a cab of any style, surely they going to find it.

Nowaday, all the taxi companies are investing on their service, improving the machines or training the people they work; it is trustful to do it, because the tourism has been increasing and each day muyst be a better quality service. All those companies are for public or private service, however they have one point in common, all they want to be hired; they are trying to catch more customers throught website, links, stickers and radio; all these companies are working hard in publicity to get better ranking in service of quality.

Returning on talk about the best cars as taxis, we could find the next ones,which also use in France. The Volkswagen Touran, Ford Mondeo, Toyota Prius, Opel insignia, Toyota Avensis, Volkswagen Passat, Citroen Berlingo, Skoda Octavia, Mercedes V-Class and Skoda Superb.

The Merdeces V-Class is the correct to take six people plus their bags, it is a kind of minivan, big space, low consumption and include luxury black leather, of course, we do not know when the drivers change them, but if you are in a group with your friends and you want to travel together, this car could be the best option for you; in addition we are part of the new taxis and why do not share a weekend if all your friends can?

If a group want to go to a place and drink something meanwhile, they can do it in the Skoda Octavia, it was designed to passengers and they are the reason of it,so they do not have to worry about liquids, enjoy the triparound the France´s streets on the car taking what you want to, this is an excellent way to spend time with closer friends and being happy, share the things they have done while no one of you have seen; it is a perfect vehicle for those who have not time, but the holy days make them come together.

A versatile vehicle called Citroen Berlingo is a small and economical car, which is one of the most populars; they are available in new or used, whatever is ok, you coukd go with your boy/girlfriend to the Eiffel tower, have a great trip and do not worry about another person stop the taxi; if you want you may ask to assesor´s report if you doubt the origin. This one has two differents ways to configure the seating arrangement as you would like to do it.

One of the safest is the Volkswagen Passat, it is anti-slip, antilock braking. This car have six airbags, one of each  passenger seats and driver. It is equipped with electronic stability control and they are completed with the eco-system of taxi service. In a country full of taxis as is France, it is ok that a company think about nature, the air is clearly, one of the benefits which we must care.

Toyota stills building up their reputation to deliver what people are looking for; the Toyota Avensis exceed some expectations, style, performance and economy, they are a favorite firm of taxi´s industry. The interior is a refine part, because they want to deliver a great experience into a taxi. If someone spends all day in front of the wheel, he/she must to get one of these. The luxury tablet and the condition make a driving comfort.

There is a class of car that before of the last year was just known to be a firefighter car or a sport model, today it is part of the taxi´s industry, we refer of the Opel Insignia; although this model is just available in Germany, we could wait it in France nextly. One of the best specification is that it consumes an official medium of 5.2 liters by each 100 kilometers; we think that many people are waiting for one of these wonderful and economic car.

Again appears the Toyota, people are replacing the conventional taxis by the most successful hybrid, the Toyota Pirius. The conditions of a daily taxi driver is like stop and go, and Pirius is designed to be driven in urban zones; reduce local pollution, it emits much less local air pollution, because of the hybrid system and is safer than last versions.

One elite taxi is the Ford Mondeo, you could feel at home, even being in front of the wheels; its greater style and quality give you a good look. The motor is equal at the Pirius, so it makes almost the same consume; this car has been increasing its populariy since its first appearance on the UK´s streets. The interior is well equipped and exterior is as ellegant as the way you would like to see yourself.

A Volkswagen Touran is being driven by the streets and its model offers increased cabin space, an actual version and easy to drive. They are based on Golf type. The Touran won What Car?´s Compact Van of the year award in 2005, and The Touran scored the maximun of five star EuroNCAP crash safety rating.

Then exist the buses which are multipassengers and they have a stablished route, a specific time and a less cost. Taxis are more expensive because you decide the route, the time is less and you go more comfortable. When visit France now you know a lot of taxis you could find and we hope, you enjoy the most your stay; taking in count that there are several rates, you must know how to get that information.

If you want to contact a taxi, remember to look for the priceand the zones they work. There are many ways to call a taxi, or even take one on the streets; that is not the point, the point to travel is to have an adventure but always go safe.

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